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Centova Cast v3.1.2 Released Centova Cast v3.1.2 is now available! The following is a complete list of changes included in Centova Cast v3.1.2: New features Add support for staff accounts Update icons and visual "polish" Improvements Reduced pr...
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Webcast Rate Proposals Now Public for 2016-2020; What Will the Copyright Royalty Board Consider? The proposals for the royalty rates to be paid by webcasters to SoundExchange for the public performance of sound recordings for 2016-2020 are now on file with the Copyright Royalty Board, and they represent two differing perspectives on the state of...
Internet Radio
SHOUTcast Plans to Monetize 55,000 Broadcasters SHOUTcast is a name synonymous with streaming audio software, but now it has been transformed into something completely new. Earlier this year, online radio provider Radionomy saved SHOUTcast from extinction and today they unveil a new suite of produ...

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