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Webcast Rate Proposals Now Public for 2016-2020; What Will the Copyright Royalty Board Consider?
Posted October 22 2014 by James in Licensing And Legal Issues
The proposals for the royalty rates to be paid by webcasters to SoundExchange for the public performance of sound recordings for 2016-2020 are now on ...
SHOUTcast Plans to Monetize 55,000 Broadcasters
Posted September 08 2014 by James in Internet Radio
SHOUTcast is a name synonymous with streaming audio software, but now it has been transformed into something completely new. Earlier this year, online...
iStreamMedia partners with Radionomy for streaming and licensing
Posted September 03 2014 by James in Internet Radio
iStreamMedia, an Internet radio directory and streaming-music company, announced that it has partnered its iStreamRadio division with Radionomy’...

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