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Why Is It Harder To Broadcast On A Mac?

By James | Posted September 04, 2012
These days Apple Mac computers can be found almost everywhere, they have become modern equivalents of traditional PC's and standard for tasks such as Photo and Film Editing. 
So why hasn't the radio industry caught on? Mac's have consistent hardware, a solid and lightweight operating system and millions of users worldwide. Companies such as Spacial Audio and RCS have no plans to join the cupertino revolution.
Even more surprising is the number of Radio Automation software and controls available on iPad's and iPhones. There is none. Zilch. Zero. Streaming companies should be embracing this platform, software should be available for hobby broadcasters and internet radio broadcasters. 
Wouldn't it be nice if there was an app for your phone or ipad where you could leave your studio and monitor/change the schedule from anywhere in the world? It should happen, considering just under 200 million iPhones have sold and over 100 million Mac's.

If you are wondering the same, then do not panic. Some other Radio Automation companies have come to the rescue.
SHOUTcast/Winamp is not supported on Mac's so you'll need to use a 3rd party tool to broadcast. 
BUTT - Broadcast Using This Tool is a simple application that allows you to broadcast to your SHOUTcast or Icecast server.
Nicecast is another application for Mac's that uses its own servers and software to enable you to broadcast. It automatically assigns you an IP address and Port number and even supports Metadata.
In terms of radio automation, you only really have one choice.
Megaseg is a fully featured radio automation software, built from the ground up to be solid and strong. It easily integrates with iTunes and is perfect for Internet Radio Broadcasting.
If you are aware of any other software for Mac's, please post them in our comments.