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Posted By PinnellProductions on Jan 25 2011 03:11 PM
It’s always nice to create imaging, whether it’s using sfx, beds or other elements given to you by the client, but it’s even nicer when you are given the freedom and creativity to create a package from scratch. That’s exactly the type of project I’ve been given from the student radio station I volunteer for.

The station have been using the same style jingles for a few years now, certainly since I joined the station as a volunteer anyway. I’ve produced various music montages using the old voiceovers to match the style of the imaging, and have created imaging for it's RSL stations from scratch too, and now it’s time for the actual radio station to have a refresh.

The voiceovers for the new package are young and fresh, they’re current second year students who study Radio Production, both male and female, and the brief on how to produce the new imaging is very loose, giving me the opportunity to create some very high energy, high impact imaging.

For the technical minded amongst you, I plan to use some lovely compression as well as some EQ, both high and low frequency, to give the voiceovers a different sound from one another, as well as some reverb, reverse reverb, and some delay too.

For the creative of you, the station already has a unique sound they call a “drop”, of which will still be included within the new imaging package, in some cases it’ll be obvious, in others it’ll be subtle, but by still using the “drop”, it gives the station a sound of continuity.

I’ll keep you updated throughout the months as this project, and hopefully by blogging about this particular project it will give you inspiration and tips on how to create your packages.

I’m really excited about creating this fresh new sound for a station that I’ve volunteered for since 2008, especially as I leave the station at the beginning of June this year. By creating this imaging, I’m kind of leaving my mark, and hopefully whoever takes over my role will be able to use the existing templates, expand and create even more imaging for the station to enjoy.

This blog was taken from the blog of Ian Pinnell with permission, read more and find out more about Ian, http://ianpinnell.tumblr.com



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