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Luke emailed me in the past week to my work email, asking for tips on how to create Power Intros, but in a creative way. I did email him back, but I thought I would write a general blog about it too, so everyone can learn!

It’s pretty easy, and the way I do it might be different from how someone else goes about it, it’s really down to personal preference, not to mention the software you might use to create such a piece of imaging.

For those of you not in the know, Power Intros are simply the branding or imaging of a radio station attached at the beginning of a song. So instead of a presenter having to fiddle with jingles and timing them right over the talk-up, the Power Intro solves that by not having a talk-up, and already having the stations branding attached.

I use Pro Tools 8 for all of my voiceover and imaging work. You might use Pro Tools, or perhaps you use Adobe Audition/Cool Edit Pro. How I make them can be achieved in both, you just have to find the right settings and tabs in your own editing software.

To give your Power Intro the “creative” effect (instead of just placing a jingle over the introduction where the presenter could do the talk-up, although that works just as well), it might be worth seeing what SFX you have in your SFX library. A few whizzes and wooshes, along with some DRY station branding might be perfect for this. I’d recommend using DRY vocals, so you can use the SFX you find to match with the vocals and the talk-up.

If it’s a well known song in the charts, you might want to consider cutting the chorus (or another popular part of the song), placing it at the beginning with all the SFX and vocals of your station ID, before leading it back into the introduction, or first opening beat/lyric of the song its self. For the listener, this will in some cases create a sense of anticipation of wanting to hear that opening line again in it’s rightful place, or it will trigger in their mind that they know what the song is, thus will continue to listen.

Take Cee-Lo Green’s “Forget You”. You could use the chorus of that…

I see you driving ‘round town
With the girl I love and I’m like,
Forget you!
Oo, oo, oooo

That ‘Oo, oo, oooo would signify the start of your DRY station ID, added with your SFX over the intro of the song’s talk-up.

So, essentially, what you’ll have is


You could also use the station ID, or your sonic logo, creatively to match with the beat of the music, or vice-versa. BBC  Radio 1 are a good example of this, with their Power Intros to songs being created by Pure Tonic Media.

Compression is of the upmost importance too, as you’ve got several audio files that will all be of different levels in terms of sound, add a bit of compression to make the sound similar throughout.

And overall, experiment. Find out what works, what doesn’t work, and use your own creativity to help you decide this, and you’ll soon get your creative power intro.


I’m aware this would have been better in visual/audio format, if I get time, I’ll search out the software to do a video tutorial, or at the very least an audio tutorial.

If you do want to ask anything about the above, or don’t understand particular aspects, you can contact me:

Email: ian [at]

*This article originates from Ian's blog and has been used with permission on Broadcasting World. To read Ian's blog in full, click here.



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