Fast Serv aquire Mouse2Mouse

Posted By James on Feb 25 2011 10:19 PM
The mysterious whereabouts of Mouse 2 Mouse the last few months has finally come to an end. Earlier on this month, Fast Serv Networks LLC took over from Mouse 2 Mouse's opersations in late November last year.

So far no account information or server information has been transferred to Fast Serv and they issued a statement late last week saying...

"In an effort to not disturb the M2M client base, we've left most
things unchanged and want to be as transparent as possible. But due to
errors, incorrect data, and general mess of the original M2M website,
we've been forced to take the website down and redirect the traffic here
until the migration is complete."

If you are customer of Mouse 2 Mouse, you can expect to be transferred to Fast Serv's servers in late March 2011. Fast Serv have promised to inform its future customers well in advance.

Here are some useful links for existing M2M clients which are all working for the time being:

Help Desk / Billing :

Support Email :

Stream Panel :



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