Finding The Right Bitrate For You!

Posted By on Feb 03 2009 12:00 AM
Whats the right bitrate for my station? Find out here!

Q: What is the best bitrate for me and my listeners?
A: The best bitrate depends on your connection speed, ADSL or Broadband is a default speed that will support any kind of stream. A fast stream like ADSL+2 will support faster and high quality streams like 128kbps. BUT it really depends on what you want if you are within your connection range..

24k Good for voice only.
32k Voice or low quality music.
56k Low quality stereo music, Good quality mono music
64k Med quality stereo music, Excellent quality mono music
96k Excellent quality stereo music, Very good quality mono
128k Very good quality stereo!

Q: How much will it cost for me to broadcast?
A: You are free to do a speed test on and grab your uptime speeds. Using a free online bandwith calculator like at
If your host doesnt count uploads, you wont be paying much



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