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Posted By James on Jun 26 2011 12:56 AM
Spacial Audio has now been re-launched as Spacial. A brand new website, new branding, new logo, new name and an updated version of SAM Broadcaster.

This is all a part of Spacial's plan over the last few months after roumors of a new SAM Broadcaster skin making its way to our computers mid 2011. The skin has now been released with new features and a new look to tie in with Spacial's new design.

"Since this is all part of the Spacial rebrand, some of our
software’s also been renamed. SAM Broadcaster remains the same, but SAM Party DJ is now SAM DJ, and SimpleCast is now SAM Cast." said Olivia, communications manager of Spacial.

The new design reflects on what the company is called. Its spacial, as in very open, not cluttered. Its simple, easy on the eyes. It's stunning, visually appealing.

"On top of the gorgeous new design, it’s just plain simpler
to use. Among the improvements is the Help Center, which now has all the Help
Documents in one place (replacing the Wiki)."

- Olivia.

The website also features a new section where user submitted stories from the MyRadioStory.com website have been featured. It also contains a blog and useful articles, interviews and much more from industry leading experts from around the globe.

All of these new features make Spacial's re-launch a very exciting time and where the roumors have spung again. A new roumor has been spotted on various web forums about a new version of SAM Broadcaster. Not just an update, but a full, coded from the ground up piece of software. Spacial has made no comment regarding the roumor.

The new SAM Broadcaster update is now available to existing SAM Broadcaster owners from the Downloads Page on Spacial's website. What do you think of the new re-design of Spacial? Tell us in the comments below!



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