Help, I Cant Connect Behind A Firewall!

Posted By on Feb 03 2009 12:00 AM
Cant get people to connect to your shoutcast server? We will show you how to broadcast from your computer from a firewall! Just follow these steps!

1. Find out your i.p by clicking here:

2. Find your router settings.. (Find your routers ip address in your info booklet) e.g:
Open your web browser and type (example)
Log in
You are in!

3. Find your forwarding options usually under the port settings.

4. Find your default service port range.. and change to 8000 ~ 8000 (the default shoutcast range)

5. Done!

Now tell your friends to go to http://yourip:port/ and see if the D.N.A.S comes up.
If you need any more support, we can help in our forums

-Broadcasting World



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