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Posted By PinnellProductions on Jan 14 2011 04:34 AM
There’s lots of things that’ll happen in 2011. You won’t stick to your New Years resolution, you’ll probably do something totally random at some point in the year, and you’ll probably find yourself struggling with money as the VAT increase begins to bite in the UK.

For radio, more stations will probably merge to form regional networks, staff will continue to be made redundant, and Ofcom will still be lurking around the corner making sure you’re living up to your stations format that was assigned to you when you first got that frequency. Oh, you might also slightly change your imaging style too…

Already there has been some subtle imaging changes on some radio stations, simiarly more localised imaging has appeared on stations such as the newly rebranded Capital FM set of stations across the UK, and although these changes are subtle, they do still play a big impact in the output of the station and it’s audiences.

I received an email earlier in the week from someone asking if there was a need to have so many whizzes and bangs in radio jingles, particularly if they only last about three seconds. In response, I personally think it depends on your audience. Whizzes and bangs are good to be made prominent if you’re a hit music station for example, but could easily be made subtle if you’re more of a “middle of the road” station that still wants to be a little bit cool.

I think there will be new ways in which we use imaging in 2011, more unique ways than in 2010. Plus with the different ways listeners can tune into radio (It’s not just on the wireless now you know!), you may need to produce your imaging to match the different bit rates for Freeview, Sky, Freesat etc as well as your normal analogue FM signal.

We can be more creative, and we strive to be more creative in every piece of imaging we produce, although there will still be a need for the standard imaging, and as radio stations close, merge, and groups change, merge etc, throughout 2011 you must consider your listener, and if you feel you’re listeners are dropping, rejuvenate your imaging by giving it a fresh sound, whether it be in small burts done subtly, or a big overhaul and refresh.

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