Installing Sc Trans for SHOUTcast on Linux

Posted By on Feb 03 2009 12:00 AM
Introduction Here follows an explanation of howto setup sc_trans. Note that this application is not available for Win32, only for Mac OS X, Linux and FreeBSD.

Step 1: Download the source Ofcourse you need the source.. so Step 1 is to download sc_trans from

Step 2: Extract it on your server Then you will need to extract the archive, and configure the sc_trans.conf to the way you want.

Step 3: Run sc_trans Now you will need to run sc_trans on your server, and there you go.. you got sc_trans all working save and sound.

Why I dont use sc_trans?
Why I dont use sc_trans is because it only can stream audio if the KHZ of it matches the one you have specified in the configuration file, for example, if you have specified: SampleRate=32000 in your "sc_trans.conf"(config file) then you cant stream audio with for example, 44HKZ(44100) which is the only thing that prevents me from using sc_trans.

How to install on Linux...
I have no idea how to install it on Mac OS X and FreeBSD. But I do know how to install it on a linux server.

Step 1: Logon to your server First you need to logon to your server. How I did this is via Putty(SSH-Protocol).
Once you are loged in, goto Step 2

Step 2: Download the source... send this to the server:
You will see it starts downloading the file to your current directory.
Step 3: Extract.. Once it's completed downloading from, then you will need to extract the archive, you can do this by sending this to the server: tar -zvxf sc_trans_posix_040.tgz Once you have extracted.. you will see that a directory called "sc_trans_posix_040" has been made. Type: cd sc_trans_posix_040 to access it, once you are in the directory, goto Step 4

Step 4: Configure sc_trans.conf Now we need to configure sc_trans.conf to the way you like it, you see that there are a total of 5 files in the directory:
the ones you need are: sc_trans_linux example.lst(can delete after you have configured sc_trans.conf and made it point to another playlist) sc_trans.conf
You can delete the other ones if you want to. You can configure sc_trans.conf with VI, or just download the SC_TRANS-configuration file, configure it on your computer, and upload it again. If you want to config it with VI, then you need to send this to the server:
vi sc_trans.conf
Once you are done configurating, goto the next step.

Step 5: Running sc_trans Now we are at the last step; type:
and it will run the application.....



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