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Posted By James on Feb 25 2011 10:26 PM
Today, development of Media UK has stopped. Media UK's current version, that is.

The current version of Media UK is "version 4". (Other companies call their versions after desserts, or Muppets characters, but Media UK prefers good old-fashioned numbers). The live Media UK version, as you read it today, is v4.1102221228 - the minor version number is derived from the date and the time: the codebase was last updated at 12.28pm on 22nd February. Ah, yes, the good old-fashioned backwards date/time trick.

v5 of Media UK is due out sometime in May: and there will be some changes.

What will you see?
- The entire site should run faster. Speed, particularly with a directory, is of supreme importance, so much of the code is being rewritten with that in mind.
- The job system will be clearer and simpler. Categories will be added, to allow you to advertise more jobs than currently; and to let you have better control over the emails that Media UK sends you.
- The directory pages are the focus for this version. They will be easier to use, easier to edit, and more comprehensive. "People" pages will also be directly editable.
- Searches of the type of "Show me all media based in :county" will be available, by popular request. This is partially available now, but it will be much more reliable.
- The site will be given a fresh lick of paint, being easier to read and better to use.
- There will be new exciting super-secret features.

Will anything disappear?
- Fax numbers will be removed from our directory. Overwhelmingly, media owners say that they never their fax machines any more ("I don't even know where ours is", said one person), and users never get in touch with media companies using fax machines. "Only dodgy marketing firms use them to spam people these days", apparently.
- The discussion area is currently up for review. By way of background, it currently accounts for 3% of total page impressions on Media UK; and only 0.44% of advertising revenue; yet it has acted as a valuable, and adult, meeting place for those in the radio industry in particular. When Media UK started the original forums, in 1999, there were no such things as Facebook or Twitter; now, discussions are going on in many places. A decision hasn't been made yet, but discussion users will be given good notice of any changes.
- A review of our widgets, notably our iGoogle widgets, will also be undertaken.

5 is a lovely number, and I look forward to sharing our progress in this blog. Your comments are, as always, welcome.

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