Next - The Radio Ideas Conference

Posted By James on Jun 26 2011 01:58 AM
It’s not designed for the suits. It’s not something that will just appeal to you if you work in a particular part of the radio industry. It’s designed for people who like radio, who want to be inspired by new ideas, who recognise that technology will help it to change and adapt and for those who want to meet like minded people.

It will be an event for 120 people. No more. The day will be made up of presentations from interesting people. Some of these will be 18 minutes, others 9 minutes. Each talk will be well-prepared and on a specific topic. Each presenter will have been recommended by someone as having an idea worth sharing. They’ll be room for questions. But no panels.

15th September, Central London, £99.

Sounds like our sort of conference! Be sure to attend if you're in London! Does that say Mark Barber in the Speakers panel? Baabaa?



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