RadioDaddy Site Update

Posted By James on Mar 07 2011 02:51 AM

RadioDaddy has been in major rehaul mode for the last few days ahead of its new Site Upgrade this month. The site announced the update earlier on this year and is expected to be back up Mid-March. It is unknown what we can expect from the overhaul but Broadcasting World predicts a newer version of I...

Creative Power Intros

Posted By PinnellProductions on Mar 06 2011 07:14 AM

Luke emailed me in the past week to my work email, asking for tips on how to create Power Intros, but in a creative way. I did email him back, but I thought I would write a general blog about it too, so everyone can learn! It’s pretty easy, and the way I do it might be different from how someon...

Live365 Releases Studio365 - Live 2.6

Posted By James on Feb 25 2011 10:30 PM

Live365, the world's most diverse Internet broadcasting network and provider of premier broadcasting services, announces the launch of the new Studio365-Live 2.6 software. With the new integration of RTL (relay track listing), Studio365-Live allows broadcasters to stream their playlists from some of...

Media UK v5 is coming

Posted By James on Feb 25 2011 10:26 PM

Today, development of Media UK has stopped. Media UK's current version, that is. The current version of Media UK is "version 4". (Other companies call their versions after desserts, or Muppets characters, but Media UK prefers good old-fashioned numbers). The live Media UK version, as you read it to...

Internet Radio Listening Growing Quickly In UK

Posted By James on Feb 25 2011 10:21 PM

RAJAR, the official audience measurement service for radio in the UK, has recently released listening data from the 4th quarter of last year. Listening to Internet radio grew by 55% in the year between Q4 2009 and Q4 2010, crossing over the 3% of all radio listening share threshold for the first tim...

Fast Serv aquire Mouse2Mouse

Posted By James on Feb 25 2011 10:19 PM

The mysterious whereabouts of Mouse 2 Mouse the last few months has finally come to an end. Earlier on this month, Fast Serv Networks LLC took over from Mouse 2 Mouse's opersations in late November last year.So far no account information or server information has been transferred to Fast Serv and th...

Not too many whizz or woosh SFX

Posted By PinnellProductions on Feb 07 2011 02:55 AM

Turn on your radio and have a listen. Flick through the dial, and you’ll discover a variety of stations (obviously), each with their own identity and own jingles (obviously).Now take a closer listen to the imaging on the station, does it really reflect what the station has to offer? 95% of th...

A Fresh Package...

Posted By PinnellProductions on Jan 25 2011 03:11 PM

It’s always nice to create imaging, whether it’s using sfx, beds or other elements given to you by the client, but it’s even nicer when you are given the freedom and creativity to create a package from scratch. That’s exactly the type of project I’ve been given from the student radio stati...

Imaging in 2011

Posted By PinnellProductions on Jan 14 2011 04:34 AM

There’s lots of things that’ll happen in 2011. You won’t stick to your New Years resolution, you’ll probably do something totally random at some point in the year, and you’ll probably find yourself struggling with money as the VAT increase begins to bite in the UK. For radio, more stations...

JAZZ.FM91’s Mobile App hits 250,000 downloads

Posted By James on Jan 12 2011 10:31 PM

The application, available free of charge from the iTunes Store, offers jazz fans worldwide the ability to stream content live from Canada’s Premier Jazz station on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The JAZZ.FM91 Mobile App’s features include a Jazz Calendar, Jazz Festival Guide Listing, Music N...


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