Delayed AndoMedia Audience Data Now Available

Posted By James on Jul 05 2010 03:25 AM

After some delay due to AndoMedia’s working with the MRC on accreditation, AndoMedia has released two months worth of Internet radio audience data for March and April. They’ve also implemented some changes in the way they calculate and credit listening – for one, they’re not going to count s...

Happy Birthday Live365!

Posted By James on Jul 05 2010 03:23 AM

Live365, one of the worldfs largest internet broadcasting networks is celebrating their ten year anniversary. That makes the service one of the oldest and most resilient out there. Live365 is a streaming broadcast network that enables anyone to easily start an Internet radio station. Their list of...

RAIN Awards For Internet Radio’s Best

Posted By James on Jul 05 2010 03:22 AM

RAIN: Radio And Internet Newsletter, the leading trade publication for the Internet radio industry, today announced the creation of the “RAIN Internet Radio Awards” to recognize the achievement of the industry’s most ambitious and innovative services. Broadcasters and webcasters in the Inter...

Clear Channel CEO Mays Stepping Down

Posted By James on Jul 05 2010 03:19 AM

It’s been two years since Bain Capital and THL Partners shelled out $24 billion in their takeover of Clear Channel Communications. In the intervening time since, there has been a significant amount of restructuring done to the conglomerate, much of it to cope with the debt incurred by the deal. N...

SHOUTcast 2.0

Posted By James on Jun 18 2010 01:26 AM

News out today, the SHOUTcast Dev Team has been hard at work creating the next version of SHOUTcast! Mixed opinions have been said on the Winamp forums and on the Broadcasting World forums. Several stream hosts are excited to bring in the new technology but what do you think? Tell us in the comments...

iPhone Released To The World, Good News For Webcasters

Posted By James on Jun 10 2010 06:42 PM

Steve Jobs took to the stage at WWDC today to unveil Apple’s new iPhone 4 — a stainless steel device that’s thinner than the previous iPhone 3GS and will ship with the multitasking and newly-renamed iOS 4. This new operating system allows music apps — like those that stream Internet radio ...

Radios 3, 4, and 7 under review

Posted By James on Jun 10 2010 06:37 PM

The BBC Trust has begun its service review of BBC Radio 3, Radio 4 and Radio 7. The review will look at how the three stations provide distinctiveness and value for money for the licence payer, and starts with a 12-week consultation period. David Liddiment, BBC Trustee, who is leading the review f...

Radio Streaming Coming to the iPhone

Posted By James on May 14 2010 06:43 PM

I’m an admitted iPhone addict. I’m also an avid audiophile and have my iPhone stocked with radio apps. I’ve got a fearsome array of music I can listen to using the music player, but when it comes to streaming my favorite radio stations, I have problems. One of the huge drawbacks of the iPhone ...

SAM Broadcaster v4.7.1 released

Posted By James on May 01 2010 03:59 AM

Well well folks! Looks like the Spacial Audio team has been hard at work lately. "We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of SAM Broadcaster v4.7.1 This release contains a lot of significant modifications to allow better performance and operation on the Vista and Windows 7 platforms."...

Jingles for Moyles stuck in New York

Posted By James on May 01 2010 03:55 AM

So, BBC Radio 1’s Chris Moyles is stuck in New York (Wed 21st April 2010) but is back on the air via the studios of Sirius Radio. To reflect this, Music 4 has managed to turn around new versions of his jingles reflecting the fact that Chris is a VAV (a victim of volcanic ash). Other presenters t...


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