Spacial Launches A New Website

Posted By James on Sep 22 2015 04:57 PM

Spacial released a new website overnight combining the re-launch of SAM Cloud (previously known as SAM VIBE). The new website enhances the user experience offering a mobile friendly interface with clear navigation. The responsive design of the website makes sense considering the increasing number of...

TuneIn takes the ads out of your on-the-go real radio

Posted By James on Sep 07 2015 09:38 PM

TuneIn, the site best known for streaming thousands of radio stations online, is angling to become the one-stop shop for everything you feed into your ears. The company on Tuesday added an $8-a-month subscription that unlocks a variety of new perks: It removes the audio ads from 600 radio stations,...

Centova Cast v3.1.2 Released

Posted By James on Jan 01 2015 02:20 AM

Centova Cast v3.1.2 is now available! The following is a complete list of changes included in Centova Cast v3.1.2: New features Add support for staff accounts Update icons and visual "polish" Improvements Reduced probability of track repeats when using GR playlists with very few tracks ...

Webcast Rate Proposals Now Public for 2016-2020; What Will the Copyright Royalty Board Consider?

Posted By James on Oct 22 2014 05:29 AM

The proposals for the royalty rates to be paid by webcasters to SoundExchange for the public performance of sound recordings for 2016-2020 are now on file with the Copyright Royalty Board, and they represent two differing perspectives on the state of the industry and how much Internet radio companie...

SHOUTcast Plans to Monetize 55,000 Broadcasters

Posted By James on Sep 08 2014 07:14 PM

SHOUTcast is a name synonymous with streaming audio software, but now it has been transformed into something completely new. Earlier this year, online radio provider Radionomy saved SHOUTcast from extinction and today they unveil a new suite of products built around the tradition and reliability of ...

iStreamMedia partners with Radionomy for streaming and licensing

Posted By James on Sep 03 2014 05:40 AM

iStreamMedia, an Internet radio directory and streaming-music company, announced that it has partnered its iStreamRadio division with Radionomy’s online radio platform. iStreamRadio is a directory service that highlights online-only pureplay stations, and was launched in June of this year. At...

Streaming grows 40% in Denmark, echoing U.S. trends

Posted By James on Sep 03 2014 05:39 AM

Whither goes Scandinavia, so goes the industry — or maybe it’s the other way around. IFPI Denmark released a year-over-year comparison of streaming uptake in the first half of each year. Streaming increased 40 percent, from 45% of music conumption to 63%. Scandinavia is sometimes c...

SHOUTcast Re-Launches with Ad Supported Option

Posted By James on Jul 23 2014 03:10 AM

Venerable Internet radio platform SHOUTcast, which was acquired from AOL by Radionomy early this year, is re-launching this week with enhancements that should benefit SHOUTcast station owners. The SHOUTcast brand, station directory, and back-end tie-ins with mobile apps all remain intact....

Is This The End For Double J & Triple J Unearthed?

Posted By on Jun 27 2014 05:18 AM

The Lewis Review has earmarked digital radio as the sacrificial lamb in its quest to save money. Looming budget cuts to the ABC's broadcasting budget could force an early death upon digital radio stations Triple J Unearthed and Double J. In recommendations advised in the Lewis Review;...

SHOUTcast releases new website layout and look

Posted By James on Jun 24 2014 09:25 PM

Radionomy, the new owners of SHOUTcast released a new look homepage this morning for the popular streaming radio directory and software. The new look incorporates a blue look (similar to Radionomy's) and some extra features throughout the website. The same traditional genres stay the same along ...


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