SHOUTcast Widget Update

Posted By James on Feb 01 2009 05:00 PM
SHOUTcast recently updated their widget according to the Official Shoutcast Blog. With users asking for features such as better favourites, better settings and custon station settings, SHOUTcast rethought its widget and added these features.

Steps to set a station as the default on your widget

1. Play your favorite station in the widget
2. Click "Copy Me" to get the widget code or embed it on the social networking & other supported platforms
3. Add the widget to your page/blog. That's it!

The following features have been added in this release:

- Remembers Your Settings - If you come across a page with the widget and you listen to a specific station and leave the widget, returning to the widget will play the last station you listened to. The widget will also display your last search query, last genre you browsed and your volume preferences

- Customize Your Favorites - Now customize the order of your favorite stations.

- Pop the Widget to a New Window - Pop the widget as a new window on your desktop and continue browsing the web while you listen to your favorite station.


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