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Posted By on Mar 18 2009 12:00 AM
The BW stream host section is now better than ever, and now is the time to get your host at its peak in our system. We have introduced a "subscribe" system in our review section. This means your users and customers have to sign up to our site and click the green + on your page to subscribe to your host page. Confusing?

Put in simpler terms, the more users you get to subscribe to your page, the higher you will be on the listings. Simple as that.

People can also submit reviews with Pros, Cons and Overall opinions. Getting people to sibscribe to your page and write reviews can be easy, simply mention you have a page on BW in your newsletter, main page, forums, word-of-mouth or any way you can. One way you can not is asking others to subscribe for you or paying them to. If you are cought out, your host will recieve a penalty strike or most likely be deleted.

Also we have added the ability for hosts to "Edit Your Listing". This means you can change your information as much as you want without recieving strikes and asking staff to do so manually. BUT if you think you can check all the boxes and supply incorrect information now, you cant. We still check up on our hosts information to make sure it is correct and hosts are obeying the rules. If you are cought, another strike or deletion will be applied.

These few things may seem pretty harsh but really, all you need to do is provide 100% accurate information, promote your page on your site and hope for the best. You will get good reviews, a nice looking listing and a fair amount of traffic.

Good luck,
-The BW Team!



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