What Glues Great Radio Production Studio & Noise-Proofing Together

Posted By James on Jul 17 2011 12:12 AM
It could be a great bother in your life or an awesome music to your two years; that is what noise is.
As radio producers, guys love to create friendly ‘noise’. But if it’s
that “noise” from outside traffic or that band from the neighbor
getting in the way of producing an audio masterpiece, then probably you
should take your noise proofing seriously.
Protecting your studio from those unwanted sounds involves tasks like
installing the right sound proofing materials. You often go for the
best and cost-effective ones, but between the sound-proofing stuff and
great production, is that thing that “ties” them together.

We’re talking about noise-proofing compounds or glue. Yep, it may be a
small thing, but it’s important. Special glue is used to stick dry
walls on which sound absorbing or cancelling materials are installed.
Look for an adhesive that is low in viscosity, so that is convenient to apply it with a conventional caulk gun.
Good sound isolating glue can help you reduce noise by at least 90%.
Products like Green Glue are
industry standards and have been independently checked and tested by
Underwriters Laboratories for fire safety and environmental effects.
Green Glue is also mold resistant and has no formaldehyde.
Whether you are just building your studio, maintaining, or renovating
it, small things like noise-proofing adhesives can mean a lot.
In the end though, a good studio, coupled with great talent and creativity is what really produces amazing creations.



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