What we will see in 2009 in the broadcasting industry

Posted By on Feb 04 2009 12:00 AM
With statistics saying that Digital Radio has almost doubled its figures in the United Kingdom alone, why would you stop broadcasting?

Its a new year and a fresh start for some, with broadcasting technologies advancing and stations around the world re-formatting for todays "up to date" audiences. 2009 will bring broadcasting into the future, here are some things we hope to see in the industry this year...

Headless DJ's
Not nessicarily a good thing but more and more stations are dropping local content and putting on networked shows. This is good for ratings and keeps a majority of listeners happy. 2009, you will most likely see more job cuts unfortunately.

More Stations Switching To The Internet
More and more stations will be webcasting over the net this year, with SHOUTcast's overhaul and the media attention and statistics all over news, hopefully station managers and tech get the jit of it.

We Can't Forget Google
Google's radio automation will be realeased worldwide this year apparently, also audio adsense advertising will be advertised more and people will be switching their current radio automation software to google's with their current offer (what we expect).

The Music
One thing that keeps radio going is MUSIC! And like every year, a new genre, a new sound, a new style and millions of new songs will be created. I hear its a good year to be songwriting ;).

Podcast's, Damn..
Podcasts will obviously be dieing down, stations dont seem to be creating or updating podcast's anymore.. Hmm...

Good Luck 2009!



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