25 Presenting Tips For The Newbie DJ

Posted By on Jan 23 2009 12:00 AM
Especially if you are new to radio, we will show you here some things to do to keep your audience glued to their radios..
1. Have a clear voice, dont mumble
2. Try not to say "um" too much
3. Be on time... if a bed starts dont statter
4. Give good content! Give something to discuss
5. Get a phone line or a forum to discuss with listeners
6. Make your website stand out so people want to look at it every day
7. Use clear sounds and beds
8. Dont make crap jokes, they are not funny
9. Always check for requests!
10. Play music that suits your audience or your style
11. Allow people to rate your station so you can improve
12. Dont clear your throat
13. Have a nice little room to get the perfict sound and no echo
14. Get quality gear that is trusted
15. Use instant messages to interact with listeners
16. Get a quality server for max listeners and quality
17. Choose a good stream type.. 64kbps = o.k
18. Avoid gooseneck microphone stands
19. Keep your area tidy, no twisted cords
20. When packing up, fold cords in a loop so you wont damage them
21. Dont move your sliders on your mixer too quick, use smoothly
22. Use some good PRO voiceovers
23. Dont use your own voiceovers when your on air (it sounds weird)
24. Always test before going on air, is everything good? no errors?
25. Dont use loud things like fans, clicky pens or anything to fiddle with while on air



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