A Big Week For Internet Radio At CES

Posted By James on Jan 04 2011 08:24 PM
The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, kicks off this week in Vegas and is expected to draw more than 125,000. The week’s news will no doubt be full of announcements about the latest trendy devices and technologies, and Internet radio should get its fare share of attention. In particular, I expect we’ll hear more about connected devices that enable listening in the car and elsewhere.

The Internet Media Device Alliance (IMDA) will present a Forum on Internet Radio Devices on Friday, January 7, 2011. The forum will cover many topics of interest to companies who have, or would like to have, Internet radio on their Internet connected products. Topics will include panels on Internet radio in the car, a history of Internet radio devices from Kerbango to the car, radio app development, and a panel discussion on required, desired, and killer features for Internet radio products. It’s a half day event, for more info you can email claudia.jablonski@imdalliance.org.

No doubt Pandora will be getting a lot of buzz at CES - Kenwood will launch its first nine automotive head units with Pandora Internet radio control at the show, and Ford and device manufacturers will be featuring their latest Pandora integrated offerings as well.



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