AdsWizz, StreamGuys partner for ad-insertion product for streams and podcasts

Posted By James on Aug 22 2012 06:43 PM
Broadcasters and audio publishers can now experience atrue streaming media return on investment through the collective strengths of StreamGuys’ cloud-basedstreaming services and AdsWizz’s digital advertising solutions. The new StreamGuys and AdsWizzpartnership offers one of the first mobile-friendly, multi-platform streaming solutions with targeted, richmedia advertising capabilities. 

The two companies have already won a contract with a major sports broadcaster. The new customer issuccessfully using AdsWizz’s Pre-Roll Ad Insertion technology to deliver targeted advertisements toconsumers who download the broadcaster’s audio podcasts, reaching more online media players andmobile devices than before via StreamGuys’ one-to-many streaming architecture.

In addition to pre-roll podcast capabilities, the two companies will provide joint customers with a portfoliooffering several ad-supported monetization tools, including audio and video mid-roll ad insertiontechnology as well as companion display ad banners. These rich media advertisements can targetspecific subsets of users based on their gender, demographic and active location based data.

AdsWizz’s Digital Advertising Monetization Platform enables CDNs, Ad Networks and Online AudioPublishers to unleash the power of one-to-one marketing by allowing them to insert ads directly into eachend-user’s on-demand or live stream and ensure the ad specifically speaks to the individual’s interests.In addition AdsWizz also provides real-time audience measurement and analytics tools to evaluateaudience response. Customers using these tools can later confirm with their advertisers that streamswere monetized through targeted advertisements.

StreamGuys’ one-to-many architecture ensures that broadcasters and publishers can deliver content,including advertisements in multiple formats to reach many targets. StreamGuys also eliminatestranscoding steps often used for multi-format streaming that degrade audio and video quality. Jason Osburn, executive vice president at StreamGuys, notes that the StreamGuys/AdsWizz partnershipallows the company to offer a solution that simplifies monetization of live and on-demand rich mediadelivery — and deliver those ad-injected streams to virtually every popular end user device forconsumption. The StreamGuys/AdsWizz solution currently supports Flash and Icecast streaming forMP3 and HE-AAC audio formats; as well as Flash and iOS for video.

“Most broadcasters are now seeking compatibility with iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad, aswell as other mobile platforms to expand their audience reach,” said Osburn. “Our relationship withAdsWizz allows us to provide a full-service shop to support broadcasters who depend on ad placementfor revenue generation.”

StreamGuys manages the overall solution from their facility, including the AdsWizz server software thatlives on StreamGuys’ adaptive bit-rate streaming architecture in the cloud. The company also provides rich data on hits, visitors, user agents, geographic regions and other analytics to help customers strategize future growth. 

“Until now broadcasters, audio publishers and advertisers were constantly in search of ways to turn podcasts into revenue-generating advertising mediums,” said Alexis van de Wyer, president at AdsWizz. “Their search officially stops today with AdsWizz’s breakthrough in enabling broadcasters to insert targeted ads into podcasts. As we continue our partnership with StreamGuys, joint customers will be able to further grow their revenue through several other innovative ad-supported monetization tools, leveraging both on-demand and live streaming media.”



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