Airtime update improves streaming and show production for independent radio

Posted By James on Dec 08 2012 07:19 PM
Sourcefabric has released an update for Airtime, the open source radio software. Airtime 2.2.1 features a number improvements to the way the software handles web streams, fading and Smart Blocks (a quick way for producers to build shows based on genre, upload date and other information). Airtime allows radio stations to be programmed and streamed through an easy web interface and can be downloaded and installed on Ubuntu and Debian, or used via Sourcefabric’s web-hosted Airtime Pro service.

Airtime has four live assist modes, an intelligent audio library and calendar, and a Now Playing dashboard that allows tracks to be dragged-and-dropped on-the fly into a playing schedule. Professional needs are catered for with WAV, FLAC and AAC support, plus ReplayGain which helps to normalise volume output.

The full list of fixes and improvements for Airtime 2.2.1 includes...
• Improved fades between webstreams
• Fix webstreams disconnecting occasionally
• Added 'and' and 'or' connectors between smart blocks
• Preview webstreams in the Now Playing page improved for all browsers
• airtime-import script now works for FLAC files
• DJs can no longer delete files they don't own
• Support added for 'x-scpls' webstream playlist types
• media-monitor no longer requires a restart for initial import.

“We’re seeing increased adoption from all types of broadcast communities, both professional and amateur,” said Martin Konecny, Airtime’s lead developer. “Universities, community radio stations, bedroom DJs, media organisations and even shopping malls are rediscovering radio.”

For instance, Airtime is powering the Mobile Radio BSP project at the 30th São Paulo Art Bienal. Working with the international radio art network Radia, Mobile Radio BSP project is showcasing European, North American and Australian radio practitioners from around the world for the duration of the festival. Airtime was also showcased at the recent Mozilla Festival in London as part of the OurBlock initiative trying to rethink community radio.

Forthcoming features will include Airtime’s interface translated into 15 languages, a new API, extra live playout features, and easier ways for DJs to help others find and listen to their shows.



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