An Update From James

Posted By James on Nov 12 2011 08:27 PM
Hi All,

Thanks for reading this short update. I am just writing to you all about the current situation and how we are going to achieve it. Currently, I am on study exams for University and have not had much time on the site to finish off projects and develop much needed tools and information for broadcasters to enjoy. I apologise for the lack of updates and check ins on the Forums, i have been extremely busy studying full time and working 35 hour weeks, it has been hard after a personal situation struck a few years back. But now, i am ready to head back into the game.

Some would say that Broadcasting World is in a war, against rival broadcasting forums. Some say Broadcasting World is unique in its reviews, articles and discussion forums. I say that Broadcasting World is an amazing tool for broadcasters to use worldwide, our volunteers have been continually writing reviews, posting articles, monitoring our discussion forum and posting unique, informational guides (a big BIG thank you to David!). It has formed a fantastic community and a website that i can't stay away from. So thank you, to everyone. Our members, volunteers, visitors and rivals. You have all been amazing.

With the end of my exams approaching, i will be free from the strain and headache of my life. I will be working full time, but my free time that i will gain, will be spent on this website. 2012 will bring mass amounts of growth and content towards us, which means a better, stronger community and more of the stuff you want!

We welcome John Heffernan, Marc Flakemore, Theresa Moss and Ellie McPherson to our team of writers, reviewers and moderators. My aim next year is to reward everybody with their talents. We will be posting more reviews, more articles, more products and more features than ever before.
Our analytics show that we have grown by over 48% this year (2010 - 2011). We aim to grow even more next year! 

 Best of luck to myself for my exams (I wish they were over already, so KEEN to start coding again!). We will also be organising Broadcasting World meetups in local areas around the world, more news of that to come! Things are looking bright for 2012, a big thank you to everyone for your patience.

See you all shortly,



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