Ando Media Releases Feburary Listening Stats

Posted By James on Apr 01 2010 07:39 PM
Ando Media has released February’s “Internet Audio Top 20 Ranker,” its ranking of the most-listened to webcasts it measures. And Ando is reporting several positive trends in listening in February over January.

From its “Domestic Ranker” (that is, measuring listening in the U.S. only) during the 6a-8p daypart, Ando says “average active sessions” (Ando’s unit that’s similar to “AQH”) were up 1.85% among the Top 20 most-listened to webcasters over January. The number of listeners simply tuning in (Ando calls it “Sessions Started,” similar to broadcast’s traditional “cume”) was up over 7% (presumably the fact that February is shorter than January was taken into account), and the Average Time Spent Listening rose slightly (2.88%) to over two-and-a-half hours.

Ando Media will host an online conference to discuss the February Ranker Wednesday, April 7th at 3pm ET/2pm CT. Register here.

The first chart below represents all listening (U.S. and international) during the 6a-12M daypart. Note that since Pandora and Clear Channel no longer stream outside the U.S., they do not appear on this chart (expect CBS Radio to disappear next month too). The second chart is the Domestic Ranker referred to above. For easier-to-read charts, see Ando’s full press release here.




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