ASCAP moves to suspend Streamlicensing agreement over contract breach

Posted By James on Jul 06 2017 05:40 PM

Streamlicensing clients woke up to a startling email from ASCAP this morning claiming that Streamlicensing breached their contract agreement and have failed to to respond to emails and calls regarding the issue. This has left Streamlicensing clients in the dark over whether their monthly payments have been contributing to ASCAP and other licensing companies. 

ASCAP stated that they have tried numberous times to re-engange with Streamlicensing to keep the contract agreement in good order, but have failed after multiple attempts. This means that any future ASCAP agreement would be subject to new negotiations and lengthy time delays. It could take several months, to a year to finalise an agreement.

Streamlicensing customers have been offered a discounted rate for licensing directly with ASCAP at a rate of $200 for the year. Any stations wanting to take up this offer should refer to the email sent to you.

In 2011, SWCast owner Randall Krause failed to make payments to keep agreements with licensing companies, forcing the company to abruptly shut down, leaving thousands of stations unlicensed. 

It is still unknown whether Streamlicensing will de-list ASCAP from its offering; and whether a drop in licensing fees for new signups and refunds for existing stations will apply. Streamlicensing plans start from just under $60 USD per month.

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The Legacy Guest Commenter

Stream Licensing is working on their auditing software and ASCAP has been told of this. The fact that ASCAP is unwilling to work with them is more than unreasonable. I can assure you that StreamLicensing is Legit and will stand behind it's customers. They are still growing and you can best believe that they have other consumer interest groups ready to fight against such harassment to them and their clients. This WILL go down in Hobby Radio History.

Marcus Guest Commenter

So why does SL still list ASCAP on their website? ASCAP says there is no current agreement with SL. Very misleading and unlawful.

Bruce Nickles Guest Commenter

That is total BS dude, Stream Licensing is NOT legit and they are a bunch of fakes!! Why do you think they do NOT have the pro's logo's on their site? This company is a joke!!!!!

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