Broadcast Launch set to release first product

Posted By James on Dec 09 2016 05:04 PM

Broadcast Launch is set to release it's first product on January 1st 2017. The long anticipated launch is less than 30 days away after a long 9 months of being under d`evelopment.

The first product is named SMSFetch and allow you to receive SMS messages from over 19 countries around the world. That means reaching your listsners on a global scale. It also means no more buzzing/vibrating phone in studio, no more losing the phone when you need it most, no more tiny phone screens to read messages from!

SMSFetch is also very affordable at $8 USD per month which is excellent value, it also includes your first SMS number free!

Broadcast Launch has also revealed to us that their next products include script, bulletin and run sheet management for presenters, social media management tools and most excitingly, automated restreaming software. 2017 is looking like a great year for radio station software!

You can grab Broadcast Launch's SMSFetch at their website from the 1st of Janary 2017.

Disclosure: Broadcast Launch is co-operated by James who also operates Broadcasting World.

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