Broadcasting Glossary

Posted By on Feb 27 2009 12:00 AM
Here is a small glossary of things you may have read in our Broadcasting Articles section that you may not know of.. yet.

Refers to a professional audio lead or input that uses three wires within the cable to carry the electrical signal for a mono audio sound. Less prone to hum than unbalanced (two wires only) inputs.

High frequency electrical noise

Effect caused when sound is changed by overloading the input level into a mixer, amplifier etc

Number of electrical cycles per second - equivalent to pitch in an acoustic sense - Bass sound is low in frequency - Treble sound is high in frequency

The electrical volume of a sound signal as it passes through a piece of electrical audio equipment - also known as level

Low frequency electrical noise

One sound channel only

Unwanted sound - either acoustic or electrical in nature

Phantom Power
A low voltage produced by some professional audio equipment and sent back up the microphone cable to the microphone to provide it with power - only applies to balance audio leads

Polar Patterns
The visual representation, usually in two dimensions, of the three dimensional directional characteristics of microphones - i.e. Cardoid, Omnidirectional, Bi - Directional

The sound caused by the explosive force of air expelled from the mouth during speech as it impacts against the diaphragm of a microphone

Two sound channels - one for left and one for right

XLR Connector
A balanced, 3 pin professional connector (also known as a cannon)



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