Broadcasting World Officially Releases New Sections

Posted By James on Mar 05 2009 02:40 AM
Broadcasting World is one year old, a thousand valued members more and ten-thousand posts in our forums. Are we happy? Ofcourse not, how many times has the BW team coded and redesigned this place? Yeah, now you think different. But anyway.. This year brings new sections to our site! Here they are explained...


Oh yes, the one thing James hates doing. Blogging. Wellits now been added because we thought some members might like to have their own blog.. Sadly, nobody has cought our fishing line!


We added Stream Host Reviews middle last year and they were a hit, we have adjusted that and added USER host reviews! So not only do you get a professional reviewm you get users reviews and more. Also the more users subscribe to your host page, the higher you get in the listing! Even more fair! Also we have added stream licensing reviews which are pretty much the same as host reviews.


The new jobs section is here, got a job that needs listing and promotion? Post it in the jobs section! Free!

Imaging News

Imaging news has been added to our news section aswel.

So explore whats on offer! Add your services, reviews, subscribe and share! :)

- The Happy BW Team!



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