Centova Cast v3.0.6 Released

Posted By James Davey on Jan 22 2014 01:47 AM
Centova Cast v3.0.6 is now available, with several minor new features, improvements, and bug fixes.The following is a complete list of changes included in Centova Cast v3.0.6:Minor new features
  • Added support for reseller backup/restore
  • Add completed Greek language support
  • Added "raw metadata" value to Stream Details widget
  • Added codec identification support (mainly for Muses) to SHOUTcast1 module
  • Added reporting period convenience links in statistics
  • Added caching layer between control daemon and web interface for performance; resolves #265
  • Bit rate limit enforcement code now uses total bit rates from all mount points for multimount-capable servers
  • Added independently-configurable table optimization cron job
  • Licensing popup in admin area now displays the complete licensing error message
  • Enforced trademark licensing
  • New hosts provisioned with hostname=auto will take their hostname from Management->Hosts by default; resolves #174
  • Passing --nocontent to backup utility now skips cover images in addition to media files
  • Monitoring system will no longer attempt to restart autoDJ after outage if another source is connected; resolves #263
  • Listener gauge in live statistics is now vertically aligned to the top
  • Made database export compatible with PHP v5.2
  • Re-poll the DNAS1 status page at 4 second intervals if an "Admin page is busy" error is returned by DNAS1
  • Reduced frequency of database table optimizations
  • Increased time limit while zipping CSV reports
  • Reporting period box in statistics now slides open and closed
  • Try to fix requests for 'Unknown' on SHOUTcast servers
  • Many internal improvements and changes
  • Ensure album cover image thumbnails have unique filenames
  • Fixed JavaScript error when using advanced widget settings
  • Fixed bug in which live listener stats might not display individual mount point listeners correctly
  • Fixed bug in which reseller subaccounts would be skipped when bulk starting/stopping streams
  • Fixed bug in which selecting a full-month view would not include the last day of the month
  • Fixed playlist loading bug in ices2 module
  • Fixed potential failure to remove temporary files after generating CSV reports
  • Fixed regression breaking support for custom widget JavaScript options
  • Fixed regression in 3.0.5 that might cause scheduled playlists to fail to start on time
  • Fixed unit display regression in statistics pages
  • Fixed various minor inaccuracies in statistics aggregation
  • Fixed various time zone-related statistics issues
  • Fixed bug in which time-restricted general rotation playlists starting at midnight would be treated as unrestricted
  • The 'resellerusers' field is now returned by the provisioning API (and populated in WHMCS emails if configured)
  • When provisioning via API with an account template, explicit values now override any 'unlimited' setting from the template
For more information about Centova Cast, including screenshots, please visit the Centova Cast product page or contact a Centova Cast sales representative.
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