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Posted By James on Mar 31 2009 12:00 AM
Whats so bad about choosing radio automation? Not alot, except for the big differences which affects the price of the top 3 radio automation software in 2009. In this case, "what you see if what you get". Choosing radio automation can be easy if you know what you want and know what the features are that you will use and the ones that you wont. No point in paying over $200 for features you hardly use or know about. Its always important to read the manuals of the software before purchasing so you know how things work and if they are in easy access infront of you (not tucked in a toolbar or dropdown menu).

In this case there are not very many choices out there, google has dropped its part in radio and some are strting to follow. Some of the most famous software for radio automation over the years has discontinued or ceased development to continue to stay on top of the radio automation market. Thats good news for other developers, this means a chance to improve their features. But it can die down over time, if other developers dont try and stay on top, there becomes a black hole or a slow period of time where no development happens. This is a clear case for SAM automation, they have stopped their new development of sam 4 because of no major competition.

Overall you have a choice this year, SAM, Station Playlist (A long leader) and Zarastudio (New in 09). Here we have put them in a nice table and stuck the features you want to see inside the table side-by-side. Have a look and see which one stands out the most and why no further developments have come out of this company ;)

Name SAM (Spacial Audio) Station Playlist ZaraStudio
Release Date 06 05 2005 01 09 2005 01 07 2009
Operating System Windows 98 ME, XP Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, Vista Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, Vista
Version 4.2.2 Unknown 2.0
Languages English English English, Spanish
License Type Complete Package Studio Package Complete Package
Distribution Download Download Download, CD
BPM Detection Yes No No
Crossfading Yes Yes Yes
Drag & Drop Yes Yes Unknown
Gap Killer Yes Yes No
Track Preview Yes Yes Yes
Events Yes Yes Yes
Skins/Layouts Yes No No
HTML Output / Web Interactivity Yes Yes Limited Text File
Title Streaming Yes Yes No
Supported Servers Shoutcast, Live365, Windows Media, IceCast v1 and v2, VTrails, P2P Streamer Shoutcast, Icecast, Streamer p2p, and Windows Media servers. None
Detailed Statistics Yes Yes No
Price $279.00 USD $215.00 USD $205.00 USD
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