DiMA Call to Action for Webcasters

Posted By James on Jun 08 2009 12:00 AM
The fight is now in the US Senate, and we're asking that you take another minute to place your name at the bottom of the letter that's featured at right.

This is a different fight, but part of the same battle to lower internet radio's performance royalty fees to the same level that Washington legislators will offer to broadcast radio.

Click the image at right to read the letter. Click here to sign it. This will be sent to the 22 Senators who sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee which is overseeing the performance royalty issue.

We'll match your state with the proper Senator. If no Senator comes from where you reside, your name will be included in the letter that goes to the Chairman of this Committee.

Our goal is to have internet radio royalty rates match the much lower performance royalty rates for broadcasters, which is currently moving through the House and Senate.

This letter will be presented on Monday, June 8, 2009. So please take one minute, right now, and add your name to the list. Every person counts when trying to get something passed in Washington DC.

Please Note:
•You must be a resident of the United States
•You must be current in payments to SoundExchange, or in the process of making payments
•This registration process will end at midnight, Sunday June 7, 2009

Add your name to those who oppose high internet radio performance royalty fees.

This is one fight you can't afford to ignore.




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