Free Voiceovers And How They Work

Posted By on May 17 2009 12:00 AM
Consider this, lets say you own and operate a small chocolate company. Its 2009, economic crisis and you are close to shutting down. Some people come along and ask for some samples, you give them some but find out they have been coming for weeks. This has cost your business hundreds of dollars. Those dollars fund your family and keep you alive and out of debt.

Now lets switch chocolate company with voiceover artist. Its practically the same, voiceovers are not free. The person who gives you a voiceover is living off your money, its their job and business. A sample is a sample and if you want more work done, someone has obviously impressed you and a deal or payment is most likely needed. Some imaging artists will do a deal so dont be afraid to contact any of the voiceover artists that have given you samples.

Voiceovers are not expensive, you just have to look in the right places. Search on and on the top list are most likely voices in a contract or apart of an orginziation. That means you are paying money not just to the voiceover artist but the orginization aswel. Search on sites such as Broadcasting World, Radio Talent and others and you are paying for the quality voice and you are supporting that voiceover artist.

So think again when your requesting a free voiceover, script well and read the fine print. We want to keep the system fair and one way to do that is to obey the rules and dont appear a scab! Make a few posts or split a donation between all the voiceovers.



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