Internet Radio Stations See Audience Growth In February

Posted By James on Mar 29 2009 01:01 AM
AndoMedia has released their monthly listening data for February, recording audience growth for most of the top measured groups. ando1AndoMedia’s Webcast Metrics measures subscribing stations and provides a monthly snapshot of audience data for the groups they measure.

The Katz Online Network, which includes many of the groups listed on the ranker saw about 4% growth in both its AQH and Cume. CBS and Clear Channel both saw even bigger AQH growth than that - 9% and 8% respectively, and CBSRadio’s Network Cume increased by 13% from last month. Other winners in growing audience were online multi channel brands 977Music (9%) and Accuradio (6%), and Citadel’s group of streaming stations (11%).

It’s interesting to note that the ratio of AQH to Cume (turnover) is consistent among many of the top performers in the ranker, with a few exceptions. Citadel, Cox and Clear Channel have the lowest turnover of any of the groups in the top ten, and CBSRadio has the highest. AOL’s Radio streams contribute lots of Cume to CBS’ number, but those listeners are not necessarily converting to long listening sessions, while Clear Channel and Citadel, who are likely converting lots of broadcast listeners to online listeners, are getting longer listening sessions from their online listeners.

AndoMedia's Webcast Metrics Ranker February 2009 Monday-Sunday 6a-Mid




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