Internet Radio Thrives In Germany

Posted By James on Aug 28 2010 08:54 PM
Four fifths of online radio stations in Germany are only available online, according to a newly released study by the Bavarian regulatory authority for commercial broadcasting – BLM and Berlin strategy consultant Goldmedia. The study is based on a survey of 2692 online radio operators in Germany in 2010.
Interest in online radio grows every year. About 11 million Germans listen to online radio at least occasionally, according to a 2009 Online Study 2009, and 12 percent of all Internet users are already using online radio regularly.
Other highlights from the study:
• While FM radio channels are turned on mainly in the morning, online radio is mostly listened to in the evening.
• About 44 percent of all streaming services are already available on mobile phones.
• Mobile app services offered by stations have also increased. More than 70 percent of FM stations reported having heir own apps, all of them for the iPhone.
• There has been a 40 percent increase in online radio services in Germany since 2009.

“The new study documents once again the significance online radio listening has already gained and shows how manifold and creative this medium is. Traditional radio stations are obviously taking on the challenges posed by new technology and actively creating new services.” says Stefan Sutor, Director of the Radio Department in the Division Programme of the BLM.
The study also concludes that mobile streaming options will further the popularity of the medium, but notes that the challenge will be making the offers and new program formats economically successful.

Source: Audio4Cast



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