JAZZ.FM91’s Mobile App hits 250,000 downloads

Posted By James on Jan 12 2011 10:31 PM
The application, available free of charge from the iTunes Store, offers jazz fans worldwide the ability to stream content live from Canada’s Premier Jazz station on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The JAZZ.FM91 Mobile App’s features include a Jazz Calendar, Jazz Festival Guide Listing, Music News, direct Twitter access, a unique Tell a Friend feature, Program Schedule guide, a Blog feature, and Podcast streaming.

JAZZ.FM91 is having an incredible response from listeners across the globe. Japan, Canada, Korea, USA, France, UK and a host of other countries worldwide have downloaded the JAZZ.FM91 Mobile App. Downloads continue to grow weekly.

JAZZ.FM91 is in the process of developing a versatile new iPad app that will launch later this year.

“The response our JAZZ.FM91 Mobile App has received is unprecedented. I am thrilled that fans around the world are using the app as part of their daily life and enjoying the features that the app offers. JAZZ.FM91 is committed to engaging our audience with new technology and being a leader in new and innovative ways to listen to jazz,” said Ross Porter, President and CEO.

To download the JAZZ.FM91 Mobile App, please visit www.jazz.fm.

JAZZ.FM91 has been called “One of the Best Radio Stations in the World” by BusinessWeek, and is Canada’s only registered not-for-profit radio station dedicated to the jazz community and music education. JAZZ.FM91 can be heard live on the air at 91.1FM, streamed online at www.jazz.fm, or listened to on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with the free JAZZ.FM91 App.



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