Jetcast Streams More Than 50 Channels At 320kbps

Posted By James on Sep 06 2010 07:59 PM
Streaming products provider Jetcast announced today it’s streaming more than 50 channels for webcast at a remarkably high 320 kilobits per second.
The streams are free, and don’t “time out” when a listener doesn’t interact with the player.
The bit rate is a measure of the audio resolution of the stream. Typical music Internet radio streams are 128 kbps for MP3 streams, and perhaps 64 kbps for AAC streams. Fidelity improves as the bitrate increases (to the point of about 320 kbps for compressed music). However, such a high bitrate have the potential to lead to connection problems for those on DSL or less-than-ideal broadband connections.
“We have always been concerned with audio quality,” said’s Ken Jason. “1CLUB.FM’s new 320 kbps HD Internet radio stations are crystal clear and are perfect for people who listen at home through high-end stereo equipment, or at work, or in the car… There is separation of high, mid and low ranges, and no more flanged out-of-phase sound.”
Jetcast calls it HDiRadio (and hosts a site that aggregates its high quality streams at Listening to the high-bandwidth streams requires the installation of the Jetcast player (and a Firefox plug-in).

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