Jingles for Moyles stuck in New York

Posted By James on May 01 2010 03:55 AM
So, BBC Radio 1’s Chris Moyles is stuck in New York (Wed 21st April 2010) but is back on the air via the studios of Sirius Radio.

To reflect this, Music 4 has managed to turn around new versions of his jingles reflecting the fact that Chris is a VAV (a victim of volcanic ash).

Other presenters that fell victim to the Eyjafjallajokull ash cloud engulfing Europe include Steve Wright (BBC Radio 2), James Cridland (BBC Solent), Adrian Durham (talkSPORT), Andy Jackson (Wave 105), Jo Good (6 Music), Robin Galloway (Reel Radio Scotland), Clive Dickens (Absolute Radio), Mark Watson (kestrel FM), Nikki Hayes (2FM Ireland), Larry Gogan (2FM Ireland).

You can read more over at RadioToday.co.uk



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