JOE fm - New National fm Station in Belgium

Posted By James on Mar 27 2009 04:25 AM
Business is important, and if shareholders aren't happy with the results, its about time to start a new project.

In Belgium a mediacompany or mediaholding can have maximum 2 FM radio licences. The Roularta Media Group, who is shareholder to the VMMa who is owner of the commercial TV networks VTM, 2BE and JIMtv and to 2 FM radiostations Q-Music and 4FM decided 3 Years ago to reject one of their stations (Mango). If not it meant that 4FM became their 3rd station, and this ain't allowed by the Belgian Media Law. It looks that 4FM now has to move over for a new project called JOE fm. Start of JOE fm is sheduled for April 1st.

JOE fm is using as main imaging "The Smile, The Music", so it looks that JOE fm going to be one of the dozen already existing happy radio stations. Nice detail is that the station IDs used into the promotional setup of the project sounds pretty close to the #1 IDs of KiiS fm. At first sight it looks that JOE fm can become a major competitor to Q-Music owned by the same Media Group.

To have a sneak preview on the project, visit their website:



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