Live365 Rumored to Shut Down February

Posted By James on Jan 13 2016 10:56 PM

Live365, one of the largest internet radio broadcasting and licensing companies in the United States has had a rough new year with the announcement by the Copyright Royalty Board, the governing entity for establishing the sound recording royalty rates that are paid to copyright holders, that rates would be rising in the new year. These rate rises brought up fees for small broadcasters, companies such as Live365 and Radionomy, and also streaming music services like Spotify.

The latest rumor (sourced from multiple online communities) appears to be that Live365 has internally set a date to shut down on the 2nd of February at midnight if it does not find suitable funding and stakeholders for the business. Live365 was forced to significantly reduce staff and is presently looking for partners to help continue the service into 2016.

There has been no indication from Live365 that this date is set or that the rumor is true, but only time will tell. The company has had no press statements apart from an email sent out in the new year addressing existing customers of the potential closure.

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Ed Tankus Guest Commenter

Blue Plate Radio is about to be a former Live365 broadcaster. The email that we have received indicates they have no plans to continue beyond January 31 and we're supposed to contact the licensing bodies (ASCAP, BMI, etc.) to arrange for our own licensing.

Kev Guest Commenter

Yup, got that email too. Not looking too good for us :(

Aaron Davis Guest Commenter

Where else can we go? What if Radionomy and Stream Licensing fall down too????

Bianca Guest Commenter

Does Radionomy cover licensing? I cannot seem to navigate their website too well

Aaron Davis Guest Commenter

Bianca, they do but im not sure if they will stay afloat. They had to sell off shoutcast to stay alive. its worrying

Cheezenub From Anime Today

Radionomy does cover licensing but the stream is fully owned by them. You will not have any ownership in the stream you setup. You need to reach daily listener levels at 3 months (12hours/day average) and then again at 9 months (130hours/day average). For most it is not to difficult, but they are in place. So, if you are considering Radionomy just realize you will just be a station programming Producer and no longer an owner of your stream.


Best bet in my opinion is to go with StreamLicensing and a reputable stream provider.

DW Guest Commenter

Its all over at the end of the month. Broadcasters just got word. Losing 2 stations.


Don't give up on streaming just because of Live365 Shutting down! Keep it going. Sign up at streamlicensing and pick a stream host. There's a bunch of them here:

Steve Michaels Guest Commenter is a good place to start for small broadcasters

kerry brewer Guest Commenter

we are getting live365 broadcasters transferring to securenet systems' cirrus streaming platform in large numbers and have made special plans with tech and sales staff for the next few weeks to accommodate those transferring streams without interruption. check out for more info, or call 1+954-481-9402 now!

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