Loudcaster Closing Down

Posted By James on Sep 04 2012 05:48 PM
Reports from Loudcaster users have surfaced after an official email sent out earlier this week. Owners Brandon and Tia have announced the closure of the Blanket Licensing company on October 1st.

"Loudcaster will be closing on Oct 1st. Services paid in August will go forward without interruption through September.

The decision to close was not easy to make because we love on-line radio, the creativity of all you independent broadcaster and the excitement of millions that have heard you. It pretty much boiled down to the resources we have along with what we need to focus on versus what we want to focus on.

Our intention with Loudcaster was to change broadcasting by connecting broadcasters and listeners through a rich, interactive and social radio platform and transforming a passive media experience into an interactive one. Despite the best of intentions we wound up with a business model not too much different than a hosting company with the added complexities of music licensing. We're solving problems that were solved by other services long ago and we're just not passionate about that. At the end of the day If we're not excited about what we do then then it's only a matter of time before we make all of you unhappy.

So Loudcaster, as it currently stands, will be closing and re-opening down the road so we can focus on building the service we originally intended."

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