Loudcity Negotiations Close, Officially Shut Doors

Posted By James Davey on Mar 01 2014 07:57 PM

Following recent negotiations with a 3rd party, LoudCity has taken the final step in shutting it's doors unfortunately.

The site now shows a message with a link to StreamLicensing offering a discount and advice if ex-LoudCity users wish to persue licensing alone.

"Regarding the Feb 4th announcement, LoudCity is has reached its final moment.

In order to continue making digital audio transmissions of sound recordings and publicly perform ing the musical works embodied therein without violating the rights of copyright owners, you must secure all necessary licenses directly or utilize the services of a licensed third-party streaming provider.

If you continue licensing on your own, then you should consider consulting with an attorney. An attorney will help you make sure you do everything correctly and avoid infringing the rights of a copyright owner."

We would like to thank the staff and users of LoudCity for keeping a positive reputation and keeping internet broadcasters strong and fully licensed.

Your services will be missed.



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