Mixstream Launching New Website?

Posted By James on Apr 08 2010 06:52 PM
2010 has been a fantastic year in the stream hosting industry. Some new features and technology have emerged from just ablot all major hosts. This time it is Mixstream's turn, its a new feature and a redesign.

Shown on bellonline.co.uk, Mixstreams website capture in the Brands section is shown as a brand new redesign. We are unsure of when this will launch or if any new features are coming along. But its interesting to know

Also announced on our forums, Mixstream announced its new Stream Transcoding service. Stream transcoding simply put is the re-encoding of a stream that's in one format into another.

* Full control panel - with the ability to edit your source and target servers instantly
* Start, stop and restart your transcoder without opening a support ticket
* More stable platform - transcoders no longer get stuck on bitrate changes
* Instant setup on new orders - get your transcoder online within 2 minutes!

Mixstream mentioned in their post..
"At MixStream.net we are happy to announce the launch of our brand new transcoding service, with huge improvements in user friendliness and stability. We have basically scrapped the old system after some customers found it frustrating having to open support tickets to make changes."

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