Mouse to Mouses New Look

Posted By James on May 28 2009 07:12 PM
Mouse to Mouse has recently had a complete makeover. Their old site dated back to 2001 with a design that only fitted half your screen. Now the site has had a complete makeover, more space, a new logo and more features. The added server of Icecast has been put as an upcoming feature on the new site. Also new prices for their servers have been rolled out.

Mouse to Mouse Quoted From Their Site...
"Mouse to Mouse Solutions is proud to launch our new web presence. We've freshened up not only our website, but also some of the great packages that we offer. Kicking off our new web presence is our '25 offer' - 25 slots @ 128kbps - using premier bandwidth for only US$ 25.00 per month. This is a great starter package for stations looking for quality hosting at wholesale prices. "

BW took a further look and have found that some parts are still under construction, no pricing for shoutcast is avaliable and some features are just dead links. We think it will take some time until you will see a finished site here, non the less it looks brilliant and such an improvement from their old design!

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