NAB Deal Needs To Fix Streaming, Says Broadcasters

Posted By James on Aug 28 2010 08:51 PM
The NAB’s performance royalty proposal has the potential to bring some “sanity” to radio’s “streaming debacle,” and help secure radio’s digital future. That’s according to CEO Art Sutton at Georgia-Carolina Radiocasting, whose remarks were published in Tom Taylor’s Radio-Info newsletter today.

He says the proposal is “really a way for radio to get an affordable and controlled Internet platform and get rid of the burdensome CRB and AFTRA restrictions.” The NAB’s proposal would cut streaming royalty rates by 10% and remove the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) from any arbitration. It would also call for the music industry’s support in making AFTRA-produced spots less expensive to play in online streams.

In 20 years, Sutton predicts 80% of radio’s listening will come via the Internet, making digital gains like those found in the NAB’s proposal essential.

“If we could 100% simulcast our stations’ audio on the Internet, that’s a game changer for terrestrial broadcasters…the reality is the radio industry was asleep when the streaming rates were set…now we have a chance to correct that mistake and provide ourselves a competitive footprint on the Net.”

Source: RAIN



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