New rules for digital broadcasters

Posted By James on Jan 27 2009 05:40 PM
Last month, the Copyright Royalty Board, the great people who brought you the industry-killing webcaster rates, proposed new rules for digital broadcasters to record and report playlist data so that the right people get the right royalties.

The proposed new rules can be found here:

Basicly, they require every digital broadcaster, webcasters as well as satellite services, to report every song played to SoundExchange. In other words, a complete playlist census.

This may be good for people paying too much for royalty coverage but its going to be the new royal pain in the backside for webcasters and digital broadcasters.

Summary Of The Document:
"The Copyright Royalty Judges, on behalf of the Copyright Royalty Board, are proposing to revise its interim regulations for filing notice of use and the delivery of records of use of sound recordings under two statutory licenses of the Copyright Act."

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