New SHOUTcast vs. Classic SHOUTcast

Posted By James on Jul 19 2010 12:00 AM
AOL has recently switched SHOUTcast over to a new layout and platform. This month we saw the changes happen including a new taskbar player, new BETA DNAS and a more easier, cleaner design.
But with the previous redesign earlier on in the year, brought back the old classic SHOUTcast (below). Classic SHOUTcast had a darker, more content-filled layout which has been classed as quicker loading and easier to browse. Mixed messages are flowing around the web and the SHOUTcast forums towards the new re-design with some users welcoming the new changes. But some, are not...

"I really like the original interface compared to the new one. It kinda brings back memories like using winamp vs newer media players. That and its simple and fast. Doesnt lag at all loading up unlike the new graphics intensive page."

The new SHOUTcast website has been classed as Web 2.0 and uses the same system as AOL's homepage and other sites including Spinner and The Boom Box. The new Web 2.0 design gives both listeners and broadcasters total control including...

  • Improved search: Find music and audio content playing on SHOUTcast 2.0 stations in real time
  • Multiple sorting options including station name, genre, number of listeners, bitrate and type
  • New genre list makes it easier to find stations
  • New bottom bar player lets you listen to music while you browse SHOUTcast stations at the same time or pop it our for more flexibility.
  • New Popup player that is also embeddable on your website
  • Get station recommendations with the new "Featured Stations" section
  • 'Coming Soon' search results searches against what's coming up next on SHOUTcast 2.0 stations*

SHOUTcast Devs report that the new design is not just a facelift of the web site but a complete end-to-end upgrade of the SHOUTcast platform.

"SHOUTcast Radio is constantly evolving. Over the past year we have completely upgraded the back-end platform that powers one of the largest online radio station directories. Because of this, we have had to retire the old platform to make way for all the exciting new features we have in store for SHOUTcast 2.0. We think this is the best SHOUTcast Radio website yet and hope you will give the new website a chance. "

The Dev team are yet to release the promised Broadcaster Registration announced at the start of the year. The Dev Team commented "Broadcaster Registration & Auth-Hash forms: Thats what we're working on now. Out soon in a few weeks."

Keep your eyes open at our News Section for all the new updates with SHOUTcast 2.0! Tell us what you think of the new interface at SHOUTcast below in our comments!



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