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Posted By James on Mar 31 2009 11:23 PM
A new website apart of the RedCamen network also popular for guessmyage and talkwebcasting has opened up in th webcasting industry. Webcast Compare is aimed at displaying and providing reviews from users has been opened for BETA. Broadcasting World got a first BETA look at around 12:30 today. The site has an interesting concept and design displaying easy navigational access to free reviews of well known companies like Stream Hosts, Voiceover Providers and Software. We asked the creator thomase about the site...

"I decided to create Webcast Compare sometime last year as I know a few people who've had some bad experiences with stream hosts and other webcasting related companies. As we're all aware, webcasting can be pretty expensive, so when you've saved up for something when you get a bad service (or not service at all) it's really down heartening. The aim of webcast compare is to allow people to review the webcasting services they use - be that stream hosts, voice over artists, companies who produce software...Webcast Compare, not only helps you find a business but once you've used them you can post your experience. Hopefully it'll be a 4 or 5 star review, but if you haven't found the company to be that good you can warn others. Over time the better businesses will get more of a presence on the site and the bad competition will hopefully loose out. Webcast Compare is also a great way for new businesses to get some free advertising and to boost their reliability."

The website also has an article on how to find a stream host, more articles will be added on later in the year. The coverage, reviews wise is extensive including shoutcast, icecast and flash added to their list. The site also has an interactive section containing useful youtube videos and more.

"Overtime I hope to add more and more services and search features.  I'm also working on a way that non members can review companies as I believe that having to sign up will put people off. So far, people have positive words for the website and really like the concept.  I've now just got to make some improvements and listen to feedback people have." - thomase Said

We sent one of our BW contributors to check out the site and here is what we have found...

"The site has alot of potential, its informative factor is really buzzing. The theme on the site is a bit white, but the color combination is great. If they add a bit more like production, normal hosting and webcasting platforms it could turn out to be a high ranking site" Hamish said. "Overall they have done a great job!"

Check out Webcast Compare here.

We look forward to seeing what this site turns into in the future.



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