Pinnell Productions Signs Contract

Posted By James on Apr 17 2009 04:38 AM

On March 24th 2009, Pinnell Productions signed a 6 month contract to produce Imaging and Voiceovers for YPSound.

Imaging production includes Music Montages and Power Intros, while Voiceovers include voicing station promotions for local music events taking place throughout 2009, which the station will be supporting.

Tom Robnett from YPSound, spoke about the new contract, and said

"Its brilliant to be able to work closer with Pinnell Productions! We have been impressed with the service from Pinnell Productions and look forward to developing some top quality content with Pinnell Productions that will enhance the listening expereince for YPSound listeners!".

This makes YPSound the first long term client for Pinnell Productions since we began in January 2009.

Speaking of the new contract, Ian Pinnell of Pinnell Productions said

"I'm really looking forward to working with the team at YPSound. This is a big step for PInnell Productions, and one which will certianly get our brand out there, and of course, my creative juices flowing!".

The contract will be reviewed in September 2009, but it is likely there will be little change.

To find out more on this: Telephone: 07949 799 496 E-Mail: Web:



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