Radio 1 texter given restraining order

Posted By James on Nov 28 2011 04:58 PM
A man has been given a restraining order and a 12-month community order after sending more than 100 text messages to Radio 1, which included threats to harm DJ Tim Westwood.

43 year old Mark Bulcock from Stacksteads, Lancashire told Westwood in one he was a ‘dead man’ and in another warned he was ‘going to be in a wheelchair’.

Bulcock had denied sending a grossly offensive, obscene or menacing message but was convicted after a trial, according to a report in the Lancashire Telegraph. He’s been banned from contacting Westwood for life.

The texts hadn’t ever reached Westwoood but had been intercepted by his producers who called in the police. The Lancashire Telegraph says that Radio 1 operations manager Tony Wood had told hearing that when the message arrived about Westwood being a ‘dead man’ it was accompanied by the phrase ‘not code’. “We would take that as an immediate threat,” he said.

Bulcock admitted to being a fan and said: “I don’t wish Tim Westwood any harm whatsoever. I admire the man.”



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